Sunday, 9 September 2012

(12th SEPTEMBER 2012)

Today I heard my friend’s love journey. It was a true story that she went through. The story begins in the school bus when they both were in standard 4. At first they were friends but the following year my friend’s lover was love with her. When my friend learnt his feelings she just ignored him at first because she was not interested with him. After two years she found back him in his relative’s house. At first my friend did not recognized that guy as he looked different compared to his physical appearance in standard 4 but he recognised her. When he saw her, he smiled at her and asked her “Do you still remember me, Janani? “. And she questioned him back “Are you Ram? He replied “Yes, I’m the one” with a sweet smile and told her that he found back her. My friend was almost speechless at that moment. It’s 11.00pm now so the story will be continued tomorrow.

(13th SEPTEMBER 2012)

Hi, everyone. Still remember my friend’s love story that I told you yesterday? After my friend met her lover at his relative house she received a call from him. When she answered the call, she realised that the call is from Ram. She was surprised the call is from the person she had never expected and it was the beginning of their love journey. Since that day they become close to each another. They began to share their sweet and sour moments together.  She was impressed when she heard that Ram lost his mom when he was aged 7. She was thankful that her parents were still together although they often fight as a ‘dog and cat’. She told to Ram that she will be always with him as a mom for him whenever he needs his mom. And this is how my friend began to fall for him.

(13th SEPTEMBER 2012)

Today is the last day of my friend’s love story. After eight years of love, now my friend is still in love with her lover. They have faced all kind of hardship to maintain their love within the duration of their love. They sacrifice their love for their parent’s dream by not contacting each other temporarily until they are successful in their life and fulfil their parent’s dream. This does not shows the end of their love but it is a challenge of their love for their bright future. Before I end my friend’s love story I would like to thank my friend for sharing her story with me. So, see you next week with a new story. Good Bye.