Sunday, 2 September 2012

(28th JULY 2012)
Do you still remember what I have told you yesterday? Let me remind you, yesterday I expected that today going to be a terrible day. And my guess had become true. Today is a very terrible day in my life as I really feel tired. I cannot concentrate in lecture time and I even accidently stepped my friend’s leg. Ouch!!! It’s really pain as I was wearing high heels. One thing that I surely regret about for now is that I drank Nescafe yesterday to avoid myself from sleeping. The Nescafe that appeared as a superhero for me yesterday, now look like a monster for me. Talking about superhero, now only I remembered that I not yet watch Spiderman 4. My friends told me that the new Spiderman look more handsome compared to the old one. So I am so eager to watch the movie when I go back to Taiping, my sweet home town. Spiderman wait for me, I am come soon in next two weeks.

(29th JULY 2012)
Today was really nice as I was so relaxed and free of tension. I ate my dinner with my friends and I tried the famous Nasi Kerabu for the first time in my life. It was very delicious and spicy and I love to eat it as I am a spicy food lover. Today I am going to get my ticket for going back to my hometown. I am so happy and excited to get the ticket as I can’t wait to go back to my hometown. The coming two week is surely going to be a long period for me as I really miss my hometown as well as the foods of course. The first thing that I am going to do after I reach my house is to eat my mother’s cook because I really miss my mother’s food. Then, I will be going for shopping, watch movies and one of the most important thing is to visit all my friends. Then, I will be, opps, I forget about the sleeping time! How can I forget about it? I think that I have missed few things and I should add it to my list of plan. Bye.

(31th JULY 2012)

The exam is around the corner. I have only one week, means only seven days to do my revision for my exam. The seven times twenty four hours equals to one hundred and sixty eight hours is still not enough for me to cover up all the chapter of the four subjects. I think that I have to burn the midnight oil from today so that I can finish all the revision for my exam. I hope that this time I can avoid myself from last minute exam preparation. But, sometimes I think that last minute preparation is better because I can recall what I revised before better. This is because I have a poor memory and I easily forget what I studied before especially the terms in Biology. But, when I do last minute preparation I can remember the terms and facts very well. However, this time I want to change and do early preparation for my exam. I hope I can finish my revision earlier and do the best in the exam. I hope I can get pointer at least above 3.5 in the exam. I hope I can achieve my target. Good luck for me!

(1st AUGUST 2012)

Today my friend and I had dinner together. It has been two week since we had the meals together. We both were very busy with our own works so it became so rare we both meet and have dinner together. She is my best friend since from my primary school. We both got excellent results in our exam and got matriculation at same place. We are happy about it. Since we arrived here we had spent most of the time together as this place was new for both of us. Many people surprised when they learnt that we both were from same school and are best friends from primary school. We both feel happy and proud to be labelled as best friends forever. While having the meal, we chat a lot about our studies. As my friend took module 2 while I took module 1, we have a lot of differences in our study. We both agreed that we have our own difficulties in the study however we promised to overcome it and achieve excellent result.

(4th AUGUST 2012)
Today I was very busy since I woke up in the morning. I have finished all my revision and all my assignments, so I feel relieve now. However, I need to do some extra exercises to improve my understanding in the subjects that I have revised. Although I have done proper preparation, I still feel my revision is not enough for the exam. So, I panned to do more exercises tomorrow as I have a lot of time because tomorrow is a holiday. I can also have a group discussion with my friends for Physics as I am very weak in that subject while my friends are very good in that subject. However, I am very happy as today I have done what I have planned yesterday. Today I am going to sleep early because I have to wake up early morning tomorrow to do extra exercises. I hope tomorrow I can finish all the things that I have planned to do and hope tomorrow will be a wonderful day for me. Good night and bye.

(7th AUGUST 2012)

Today morning I had English as my first exam paper. The paper was quite easy for me but I still worry about it. This is because I was lack of time to check back my essay and I worry that I had made a lot of grammar mistakes in my essay. I can lose a lot of marks there even though I have given good points in my essay. I hope I would get a good result for my English paper although it is not one of the main subjects for matriculation study.  The other exam that I had today was Chemistry. Chemistry exam was quite difficult for me as the questions that came out were tricky and need more understanding in certain chapters. However, I managed to answer all the questions although at the beginning I felt that the time is not enough to finish all the questions. After I came out of the examination, I felt relieve of finishing two exam paper. Tomorrow I am going to face two more wars for Physics and Mathematics.

(9th AUGUST 2012)

I just finished my dinner. I was fasting today with my roommates as I promised them before. I woke up early in the morning and took my food at 4.00am. This is a preparation for fasting because after that I will not eat or drink anything until 7.45pm. It was very exciting to fast for the first time. Although I was fasting the whole day but I felt myself more energetic and active during that period. I learnt about how to control myself besides strengthen my relationship with my roommates. The part that I enjoyed the most is when I went to the Pasar Ramadhan with my roommates and we shared the food together while having the meals. I love this part as it teaches me that sharing is caring. As fasting gives me a lot of meaning I planned to try it again in next year.

(10th AUGUST 2012)

Can you guess where I am? I am in the bus now, going back to my hometown. I took the bus 9.00pm and now on the way to my hometown. The exam finished today at 10.00am and I had started to pack my luggage as soon as the exam is over. I just can’t wait to go back to my home. It has been about three months since I meet my family members so, I am so excited now. I cannot sleep and feel that the bus is moving so slow. I wish I could fly straight away to my hometown. It is expected that I will reach my hometown by 3.00am and this is certainly a very long period of time for me. Now I am looking around and I can see that my friends are also in excited mood as they are not sleeping yet. Some are chatting, watching movies, reading novels, and listening to music. So overall all of us are in excited and jolly mood for our holiday. Happy holiday everyone.

(14th AUGUST 2012)
It is really nice to be at home after three months gap. Eating homemade food, spending time with siblings and watching movies are the true meaning of holiday for me. Now I feel that my life is really meaningful for this moment. I feel relax and no tension. One thing that I worry about now is that I feel that I had put on some weight as I eat a lot in these four days. However, I think that it is okay because later I can have some diet to loss some of the weight. Tomorrow I will be going to my cousin’s house and I will stay there for two days. I plan to go for picnic with them and have shopping with my cousins. We will also celebrate my uncle’s birthday that fall on Thursday, 16th August 2012. I hope all my plans will successful without any disruption.

(15th AUGUST 2012)

Today I went to my cousin’s house. We had a long chat together about our own life. I felt surprise when I knew that my 12 years old cousin is in love with her classmate. I felt that nowadays children can easily influenced by movies and dramas until they can fall in love before they know the true meaning of love. I think that it is too early for my cousin fall in love in the age of 12. I wish I could see the face of her lover so that I can know who it is. However, I hope that she can concentrate in her studies first because the exam is around the corner. I really worry about her as she is too young to fall in love. Is it alright if I just let her to continue her love or advise her that she is too young for that kind of life? Now I really confused what to do as a good cousin. All I wish is she can think carefully what is the best for herself and her family.

(16th AUGUST 2012)

Today I went to my old secondary school and visited all the teachers. They were so happy to meet me. They asked about my life and I told them about my life in matriculation. I know that they are happy for me as they are the one who encourages me to enter matriculation. I am really happy that my teachers are concern about me. I feel myself as a lucky person because I have teachers who are really care about me. I also meet some of my friends who are studying matriculation in other places such as Negeri Sembilan, Selangor and Pulau Pinang. We shared a lot about our experiences in matriculation. We also promised to contact each other often through the Facebook and email. Even we planned to have a small gathering before our holiday ends. Today was a happiest day for me as I can nostalgia about all my memories during my secondary school. It was a nice day for me.

(20th AUGUST 2012)

Today I went to shopping with my mom as the preparation for going back to Pahang. I told her that it is too early for the shopping because I will be going to Pahang on Friday only. However, my mom said that it is better if we begin to pack my things earlier. She told me that it will help me from rushing at last minute as she had that experience many times before. I bought things that I need in next three months. My mother is a role model for me. She teaches me a lot about the life. She often told my siblings and me that we should buy things that necessary only so that we can be intelligent in the way we spent our money. She also teaches us how to manage time in a proper way. My mother is a role model for my siblings and me.

(21th AUGUST 2012)

Today I felt really happy as I will only go back to Pahang on Saturday. My uncle will fetch me from my house and send me to Pahang. I feel so happy because I will be having one extra day with my family. I love my family a lot and I feel sad every time I time I think about going back to Pahang. I have been missing my family every day when I was in Pahang and I do not want to be separated from my family. I think everyone wish that they could be with their family members always. However, for my future I have to sacrifice myself by staying far from my family. I wish that I could finish my studies as soon as possible so that I am not separated from my family anymore. I wish the time can run faster so that I can finish my studies faster.

(25th AUGUST 2012)

I had arrived Pahang at 2.00pm after 8 hours travelling with my family. I am so tired until no energy now. I feel so hungry too as I did not take my lunch just now. I think I will take five slices of bread with butter because I feel so hungry. The weather here is so hot and I have to drink a lot of water. However, unfortunately I forgot to bring my water bottle. So, now I have to buy mineral water from the town. I feel guilty for making trouble to my mother who has to go to the nearest town just to buy two bottles of mineral water for me. How can I forget about my water bottle? I hope that I do not left anything else in my house. If not it will be trouble for me. I have to check back my things!!!! I hope I won’t repeat the same mistake again.

(27th AUGUST 2012)

Today was my first day with my classmates after two week holiday. They were still same as before and no change happens. As I entered the classroom I feel excited because the studies are going to be started. At the same time, I worry that I have forgot most of my studies because at home I have not open even a single page in my revision book. I hope I can recall most of the things that I have studied before or no I will be in big trouble. The whole day went in a good way and I am so happy because today I do not have any homework to do. Why not coming days be the same as today, I asked myself.  If like that it is not a matriculation life then my brain answered me. However, now I am fully ready for the war that I have to face here.

(31th AUGUST 2012)

Today is our national day. I woke up 6.00am at morning. I felt so tired because I slept 2.30am yesterday. There is another main cause why I felt so tired today. This is because I went outing today with my friends. We went to Kuantan by taxi at morning. First, we went to the temple to pray and after half an hour we went to the Old Town Coffee to have our breakfast. I ate Nasi Lemak while some of my friends ate bread. Then, we went to the shopping mall to shop and bought the necessary things. I also had my hair done with new style. Actually I was forced by my friends to do so. They drag me to the saloon and made me as a hostage. It was funny and scary but finally I faced it and got a new look. At 12.00pm, we took a taxi to go back and it took one hour for us to reach our campus. I am so happy today as this is the first time I went outing with my friends. It is a good experience for me.

(2th SEPTEMBER 2012)

Today is a boring day for me as the whole day I have to finish all my homework. I have to do my mathematics revision too because the chapter 5 about graph and function is difficult for me to understand. I also have to do all the chores in my room so that tomorrow I have extra time to do my homework. So, today I have managed my time so that I can finish all things that I have planned to settle down. After I woke up in the morning I washed all my clothes and then I took my breakfast. Later, I went to the tutorial class to finish all my homework and it took about five hours to finish all my works. It was 4.00pm when I finished all my homework. I felt so tired until I felt asleep until 7.00pm and my roommates woke me up because we have to prepare for the Raya party.